Ikiraro partners with International Alert to Contribute to the consolidation of social cohesion and peace through resilient, synergetic local dialogue systems. Working in six districts, International Alert’s projects outputs include;

  • Increased space and opportunity for dialogue between communities, CSOs and local authorities aimed at improving understanding and ownership of unity and reconciliation policies and developing policy issue actions
  • Strengthened cooperation and coordination amongst community members and between the community and local government on social cohesion initiatives.
  • Strengthened capacity of civil society organizations and local authorities to mainstream unity and reconciliation into their plans and to analyze and develop relevant recommendations into policy debates.

Ikiraro also partners with Community Based Community-Based Sociotherapy Rwanda (CBS) in partnership with Anglican Church, Byumba Diocese (E.A.R. Byumba) Prison Fellowship Rwanda (PFR) to increase recognition of the importance of addressing and preventing intergenerational trauma through the development of trauma-informed policies and practices. The outputs include:

  • Community sociotherapists have increased their capacity on facilitating grassroots advocacy activities.
  • Advocacy groups represented by sociotherapists and sociotherapy participants can develop an advocacy agenda based on issues identified and work in collaboration with existing advocacy structures.
  • Issues identified are shared in a structured way with district authorities, reconciliation fora, NGO’s and national government institutions.