Ikiraro in partnership with the outreach partner Profemme twese Hamwe, the project seeks to ensure inclusive engagement for sustainable GBV prevention and response. The project will contribute to effective policy implementation by supporting; a study on identifying GBV policy, planning, budgeting and accountability issues, to build the capacity of relevant actors (local CSOs, local government/leaders), to collaborate on developing issue action plans and mutually working to resolve issues for sustainable GBV prevention.

Project output

  • Evidence on GBV policy implementation gaps in 4 districts are identified and disseminated to the relevant stakeholders
  • Local leaders and stakeholders in 4 districts have the knowledge and skills in prevention package and response to GBV
  • Dialogue among community, local CSOs, leaders and other stakeholders for effective GBV policy implementation is strengthened

Ikiraro is also working with Trocaire to hold duty bearers to account for the implementation of the GBV policy. The project seeks to address the implementation gap of the National GBV policy by generating evidence and engage with duty bearers for improved prevention of GBV and service delivery.

Project output

  • GBV/CP committees have improved capacity to provide follow up services to GBV survivors and provide more efficient monitoring of district performance contracts to ensure sufficient budget allocations and accountability towards the implementation of the GBV policy
  • Citizen participation and engagement with local leaders on GBV policy/law and related services, referral mechanisms and procedures has been increased.

Civil Society Organisations and citizens are empowered to hold local authorities to account for the implementation of the GBV policy/law within a framework of improved coordination among service providers, local authorities and community structures