Ikiraro contributes to a more prosperous, inclusive and resilient Rwanda by supporting citizens, civil society organizations, the private sector and Government to build bridges on issues that matter for Rwanda’s development. We aim to deliver tangible results that make a difference to the lives of the Rwandan people while fostering transformative change that can contribute to Rwanda’s economic, political and social objectives over the long term.

Ikiraro takes an issues-based approach to supporting constructive engagement between citizens, civil society, and Government. Rather than working on participation across the board and in the abstract, we work on those specific and tangible issues where there is likely to be interest and traction. We define problems as problems that affect the quality of life of the Rwandan people that can be addressed by public policy actions.

Our components

  • Civil society and Government partners are supported to identify and address critical issues together concerning accelerated growth, poverty reduction and social inclusion
  • Partners’ capacity to engage constructively and effectively on issues concerning accelerated growth, poverty reduction and social integration is strengthened
  • Mechanisms for consultation and accountability more effectively enable constructive engagement between the Rwandan Government and civil society
  • Research and learning are developed and used to support constructive engagement between Rwandan Government and civil society. 

The bridge

Ikiraro works on both sides of the bridge as well as on the bridge itself. Ikiraro works with Civil society, non-state actors including private sector bodies and Government bodies at the national and local level and also bridging mechanisms for consultation, oversight, and accountability.