Smallholder coffee co-operatives

Ikiraro supports SNV, RODI, and ADAP to reach 20 cooperatives and through these about 10,000 farmers are expected to directly benefit from the intervention in Rulindo, Gakenke, Kamonyi and Ruhango districts. In the project, smallholder coffee farmers and their cooperatives collaborate with relevant actors in the private and public sectors at district levels to address essential issues in their industry.

Project Outputs

  • Capability of at least 20 coffee cooperatives strengthened to work in the interest and benefit of smallholder coffee farmer members
  • Capacity of partner CSOs to support coffee cooperative’s linkages and networks with relevant actors in the private and public sector at both local and district levels to advocate for the interest and benefit of their members strengthened
  • Capacity of partner CSOs increased to conduct production and agri-business diversification potential studies jointly with the cooperatives

Beekeeping value chain

Ikiraro partners with the Future In Our Minds Rwanda (FIOM Rwanda) on the program for responsive beekeeping value chain in the Eastern region of Rwanda by working with bee co-operatives. The issue-based project aims to increase the production of bee products in the Eastern Province is improved, through significant involvement of women and young people, adoption of new technologies to change the existing rules of game, and building in a consistent training approach which will emphasize on women’s leadership and genuine cooperative business spirit that provides first and foremost services to members, allowing them to have their hives for better incentives. That approach will also attract youth.

Project Outputs

  • Improve governance and management of cooperatives such as encouraging private ownership of hives to increase the benefit of cooperative members and motivate others to join
  • Mobilize women and youth to participate/form beekeeping associations/cooperatives, by providing adequate training
  • Facilitate beekeepers to access beekeeping inputs and technologies by linking their cooperatives to the relevant institutions and potential stakeholders.
  • Create awareness about technical standards for bee products and their importance to the actors in the value chain.