About Us

The Rwanda Multi-Donor Civil Society Support Programme is a five-year programme (2015-2020) funded by the UK, Sweden, USA, and Switzerland. In Kinyarwanda, the plan is referred to as “Ikiraro cy’Iterambere,” which means building bridges for sustainable development. Ikiraro cy’Iterambere means ‘bridge to sustainable development’ in Kinyarwanda. We facilitate collaboration between civil society and community groups, the private sector, and the government. In doing so, Ikiraro contributes to the Government of Rwanda’s objective of increased citizen participation, engagement and partnership in development. Ultimately, Ikiraro exists to contribute to tangible development results for Rwandan women and girls, and boys and men. The programme engages on a range of specific policy and planning issues. We currently work with our partners and stakeholders in agriculture, disability, gender-based violence, and reconciliation.

Our overall mission

The government of Rwanda and Civil Society Organisations engages, and policy environment is dynamic in the interest of Rwandan women, girls, men, and boys.

Mission objectives

  • CSOs have the capability and confidence to engage GoR
  • GoR engages with CSOs and utilizes their niche and capability

Our Team


Country Director